Final decisions on ultracompact cameras: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX35 vs. Canon Powershot SD790 IS

!>! Well, unless you are going for a pro-grade compact camera like the soon to launch $500 Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3, probably your main criteria is being small and OK pictures which is what you are going to get. Overall, it is interesting how cameras have not improved much from my trusty “SD500”: and Fuji “F11 […]

Nikon D700

“Nikon”: just introduced a full frame camera that is 12MP and will really put heavy pressure on the Canon 5D. Just like the Nikon 300D really trounces the Canon EOS-40D by being fast, so the D700 is going to put pressure on Canon. Oh why did I go with Canon lenses???

Canon XT 350D Parameter settings and correct ISO settings

I’ve had this camera for two years now and am still finding a new thing or two. One thing to watch out for is the Parameter settings. These are like Picture Styles in the newer Canon XTi (400D) and XSi (450D) Canon Digital Rebel XT review EOS-350D There are 2 pre-set parameter sets with Parameter […]

DSLR Recommendations

Well, the photo world is shaking up again. The new cameras are just so amazingly good and they are improving not so much in resolution. The megapixel wars are ending, but in providing great images at high ISOs. This means two things: a) available light shooting is much more natural and easier for everyone and […]

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