Canon XT 350D Parameter settings and correct ISO settings


I've had this camera for two years now and am still finding a new thing or two. One thing to watch out for is the Parameter settings. These are like Picture Styles in the newer Canon XTi (400D) and XSi (450D)

Canon Digital Rebel XT review EOS-350D

There are 2 pre-set parameter sets with Parameter 1 as the default setting. The latter has higher contrast, saturation and sharpness while Parameter 2 has neutral settings and is perhaps more useful for portraits or skin tones.

I personally like using Parameter 2, but for most other folks who want it to look like a point and shoot, the default works. DCViews has some good comparisons:

!! Parameter 1 is more "punchy". I think many reviewers showed that it was inaccurate as did "": on colors because they left in Parameter 1.

!! Parameter 2 is more neutral or lifelike and probably better if you are going to use post processing and want the image to be as true as possible.


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