Simple keyboard shortcut tips

Well some are so obviously useful If you are editing with WordPress or the iOS app. It has a smart paste. If u have a url in the clipboard. Highlight text will be be replaced. Instead a link goes there. Nice with shortcuts as highlight and ctrl-v just works. iOS track pad mode. If you […]

Tips on using Google Sheets for an old Excel and 1-2-3 deal

Google Sheets is wonderful for cooperative spreadsheet development, but really using it there a number of formulas tips and tricks: Blank cells. If you want to detect if a cell has a number, then BLANK() and then if you want to see if a cell is non-blank, then NOT(BLANK()) Indexing in a range. If you […]

Mac Excel function keys

Mac 101: Reclaim your function keys – The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) The folks at Bitbox have described the simple steps needed to get some of that old flexibility back. First, launch system preferences and click the “Keyboard” tab. Next, select the “Use all F1, F2 etc. keys as standard function keys” option. For Excel […]

Excel 2008 bugs make it useless for loans and private equity

Wow, I can’t believe Microsoft would ship a product like this. Beware, Excel 2008 won’t recalc XIRR correctly and in fact any sheet that has an intentional reference where loan amounts have fees that are dependent. This has worked in versions of Excel for the last 20 years. So sad, it means that Excel 2008 […]

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