Simple keyboard shortcut tips

Well some are so obviously useful

  1. If you are editing with WordPress or the iOS app. It has a smart paste. If u have a url in the clipboard. Highlight text will be be replaced. Instead a link goes there. Nice with shortcuts as highlight and ctrl-v just works.
  2. iOS track pad mode. If you have iOS and can’t position that darn cursor. Press and hold the space bar and the keyboard becomes a touchpad.
  3. iOS QuickPath and predictive. Same with swiping and predictive if you just glide along the keys it will guys and also predict what you want to write
  4. SmartCompose. Google had this for Gmail and now docs does the same thing. As you tour it predicts phase. To accept just hit a space bar.
  5. Google Sheets shortcuts. 1-2-3 pioneered these and excel extended them but the true spreadsheet jock never needs the mouse. 1-2-3 invented the awesome END arrow keys. The world go to the end of a contiguous body of cells. In google land these are FN and then arrow. That’s because most key don’t have that dedicated END button anymore. Another great set is rising select. Or shift-space and insert a row or ctrl-shift-+. In google docs on a Mac the equivalent is command-option and the a plus or minus.

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