The Next War

Times OnlineA US official told The Times that Donald Rumsfeld, the Defence Secretary, was resisting State Department appointments to the administration-in-waiting, at least one of whom is already in Kuwait. He said that the Pentagon had ruled that Mr Rumsfeld should personally approve appointments to the temporary US-British administration, ?and there are many people who […]

Republican Guard Withdraing

Heard on blogs around the world: * The Command Post: CNN: Rebpublican Guard Withdrawing Into Baghdad Proper. Michael closed by saying that the lead reported all day … that the US was pushing hard to Baghdad, was in essence a misinterpretation. The Iraqi forces were, in fact, trying to get TO Baghdad, and the US […]

Interesting Day

The topsy turvy world of ware. Some interesting pieces: * Iraq Curtails Arab TV’s RoleAl Jazeera, the most-watched Arab language news network in the Middle East, said yesterday that the Iraqis had barred its two correspondents in Baghdad from reporting. It said that it would respond by suspending coverage of all of its correspondents accredited […]

Rumsfeld Criticized

Rumsfeld’s Design for War Criticized on the Battlefield. Now the flood gates are open. Hopefully, getting more of the right people in will help in Iraq. This piece is particularly good as it explains the strained relationship between Rumsfeld and Shinseki, the Army Chief of Staff. Also points out that Wallace has probably destroyed his […]

Powell vs. Rumsfeld

More on what is supposedly happening inside the administration: * Advisers Split as War Unfolds ( Interesting inside view on what is happening and how Powell is playing consumate insider vs. Rumsfeld. Also on Rumsfeld’s larger ambitions. * “Offense and Defense”: Seymour Hersch is another reporter with view on the inside. Has some interesting things […]

More Factoids for Techie Geeks

CDI Defense Alamanac 2002. Another great compendium of facts about the military. From the NY Times reference “Iraq Navigator”: Interesting facts: US Army Divisions 1990: 18 US Army Divisions in “Desert Storm”: : 8 US Army Divisions 2002: 10 US Army Divisions in Iraq so far: 2 (+1 on the way) US Navy Carriers 1990: […]

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