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VisualHub is dead, Handbrake is the answer?

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Sad comment, Visualhub based on ffmpeg worked great. I gladly paid for it. Now, I guess its off to find another product.The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) VisualHub is gone. There are no current plans to move VisualHub to open source. The underlying engine for much of the compression magic, ffmpeg, is already open-source and present…

Adeona laptop recovery

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9 to 5 Mac | Apple Intelligence We think this looks really useful, it’s a new and free service to help you get your laptop back if it is lost or stolen. Free and private solution, “Adeona”:http://adeona.cs.washington.edu/index.html launched today, put together by researchers at Washington and California (San Diego) univerisites. This is the first Open…