Canon PowerShot G10 (G9 as a preview)

This is coming out in October, but is a pretty big update. A reason to wait before buying a LX-3, I think. “Popphoto”: had the notice. The previous “G9”: did get very good reviews (it is 12MP vs. the 15MP in the new G10) * 14.7 megapixels (wow!) * 28-140mm 5x zoom * 3 inch […]

PC Joysticks

This genre of games is pretty much dead now. Too bad. After you are done with Call of Duty 4, it is nice to just fly a plane. In the old days, Falcon was something i could play for hours. Now you can’t even really find a review of a PC joystick anymore. “”: has […]

PC Video Encoding

I blew up my main video machine. Too much crud on it. So here is the fresh installation: # Sony Vegas Platinum. I only have v6, but it is up to v8. While Adobe Premier might work for the real afictionados it is too complicated for me. The tricky part is making anamorphic standard definition […]

Landscape Photography

Had a chance to read a landscape photography magazine. Some great tips # “Neutral Density Graduated Filters”: are a good way to get a landscape where the sun is really bright and the landscape is dark. You get something which doesn’t require exposure bracketing and then processing with Photomatix to get a photo. A neutral […]


OK, finally flopped Nextgen Gallery for ZenPhoto even though I can’t get the widget to work. But, let’s try integration. First, you should see a “Photos”: button now at the top. You do need a password to see anything though 🙂 But to get it to actually integrate into the blog is the trick. First […]

Fax Services

Most people like me don’t have anything fancy. A fax machine at home (well really an all-in-one attached to a phone line where you unplug it most of the time for sending or receiving) and then at work a fax machine tied at the front desk. So if you were in the 21st century and […]

Ok, I'm looking for

Ok, I’m looking for three phones…you should definitely check out Amazon. They have a $150 rebate on, it is amazing, main issue is that you can’t get family plans with them. Nextel. Need a replacement for my work phone. There are two choices Nextel i90c. This is the clamshell and is not color, but it […]

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