Ok, I'm looking for

Ok, I'm looking for

Ok, I'm looking for three phones...you should definitely check out Amazon. They have a $150 rebate on, it is amazing, main issue is that you can't get family plans with them.

  1. Nextel. Need a replacement for my work phone. There are two choices
    • Nextel i90c. This is the clamshell and is not color, but it is quite cheap. Only $150. Weighs 4.8 oz.
    • Nextel i95c. This is the color, but it costs $400! Might as well get a Sprint Treo for that. Nice thing is that it only weighs 4.5 oz.
    • Nextel i80s. Ok, this is the cheapest one. It is $30 from Amazon.com or free from letstalk.com and it is $75 from Nextel
  2. Rich's Newest GSM Phone. Want a small lightweight one. The Nextel is just too big! And this lets me share with Connie and my parents as weel as go worldwide. The choices are between...
    • Ericsson T68 or Let's Talk. This is the phone that Connie has. Very confusing user interface, but it is color and a world phone as well as GPRS. Cost is $200 for AT&T or T-mobile. But at , it is $50 right now!
    • Motorola V70 Very sleek look but not color nor is it a world phone. Super light though and has a 2.5mm headset. Cost is $125 from Cingular but this requires a two year contract.
  3. For the parents. The choices are for low end GSM phone
    • Motorola V66 or Let's Talk. It is $50 from letstalk.com or you get $50 back with rebates on Amazon! It doesn't have a family plan though. Main thing is that it is super light and a world phone. See below...
      • Only 2.79 ounces with slim battery
      • GPRS - for faster internet connections
      • Voice-activated dialing
      • Up to 180 minutes of talk time and 120 hours of standby time
    • Motorola T193 for Free. Main thing nice is GPRS, but isn't a world phone and is 4 ounces. With a streamlined design, the Motorola T193 has all the features you need, like voice dialing and vibrating alert. Plus you'll get the features of the built-in organizer functions like a datebook and currency converter. The Motorola T193 also includes:
      • General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)-"always on" Internet access
      • SMS messaging, with reply and phonebook lookup options
      • Vibration alert
      • Voice-activated dialing
      • Up to 300 minutes of talk time or 150 hours of standby time
    • Nokia 3390. $50 rebate, 4.2 ounces and it has that trusty Nokia firmware with an AOL IM client built in. It is also single move
  4. Rich's latest CDMA phone. OK, I need one of these. The winner looks like either the
    • Handspring Treo 300 for $500 or Amazon has for $420. But it weights 5.2 oz and is color. MAybe I can get rid of my Blackberry? See the Amazon reviews though for how incredibly bad Sprint customer support is and the general integration. Seems like a time to wait. It is really unfortunate, you have to have an SMTP port open to read mail. So, this is not as good as Blackberry integration out of the box apparently.
    • Samsung A500 or Amazon. This is 3.6 ounces and is a color screen. I presume it has the Samsung software which I've always liked. But it is $300 on the Sprint site, although it is $220 on Amazon. Also has short battery life because of the incredible TFT screen. The Amazon reviews are filled with poor coverage and customer service comments as well.

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  1. i just want to get rid of my blackberry model 957,so please make an offer, I live in California where the weather is craZY but beatiful.

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