PSP Firmware

Darn it, we upgraded our PSP to 3.51 and it turns out that “”: says you can’t go back now and run homebrew above this release without addition hardware. Amazingly there is a special “Pandora’s Battery”: which unbricks and resets PSPs. You have to run a program on an already hacked PSP that converts a […]

Logitech Playgear, Sony PSP USB Cable and PSP Games

This lists for $15 and is the best PSP Case apparently. From Pricegrabber, the price is actually pretty bad. Logitech carries it direct for $15 plus $6 shipping. “Mpire”: had the very best prices which is $10 from Amazon. Of course, bulk up to $25 and shipping is free! Finally there is the dual “Intec […]

PSP Games, Nubs and Cases

Calvin got so bored on his last trip that I finally dug out a PSP I had buried in a gadget drawer and gave it to him. Now he really likes it for trips, so time to accessorize. “Pricegrabber”: has popular ones and “PSP411”: has great reviews. * Memory Stick Pro 4GB. You can now […]

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