PSP Games, Nubs and Cases

Calvin got so bored on his last trip that I finally dug out a PSP I had buried in a gadget drawer and gave it to him. Now he really likes it for trips, so time to accessorize. “Pricegrabber”: has popular ones and “PSP411”: has great reviews.

* Memory Stick Pro 4GB. You can now get a 4GB memory stick for $50. That makes the thing into a great iPod nano replacement. The main drawback is that the silly firmware in the PSP only handles directories one level deep, so if you store things as artist then album that’s a pain. Also, it only does mp3, so I need to convert all those audible files .aa to .mp3 somehow.
* “PSP nub”: These are the little nub on the analog joystick. They fall off so you need a replacement. What a pain. For $7, you get a set of five though called analog stick armour. “Games Underground”: has them. “Nakiworld”: also has a set of really big ones.
* “PSP Cases”: The screens scratch easily and little slip case is pretty useless. They like the Intec Leather Case for $15 and I personally like the clear Logitech PlayGear Pocket Case so it looks like all the clear iPod cases I have. After all the PSP is so good looking why not show it off? “Pricegrabber”: has it for $17 and “Mpire”:
* “USB Transfer/Recharge”: . Get rid of that huge charger, with this handy $10 cable, you can both transfer files to your PC and also recharge the PSP

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