If you have an Outdoor Research Coupon rejoice!

If you are lucky enough to get a coupon for Outdoor Research, you should know it’s an awesome local firm and they have amazing stuff according to Outdoor Gear Labs (no relation except both are about well, the outdoors :-). But here are some highly rated items: Outdoor Research Helios. They make the most awesome […]

Fring lets you call from iPod Touch or iPhone over Skype

Fring Enables VoIP Calls Over Wi-Fi for iPhone with Skype Support – Mac Rumors Can call directly using iPhone to another person with iPhone running Fring- Call MSN or Skype users that are using their computer- Call using Skype account, which allows you to have your own Skype number and at a discount rate for […]

iPhone OS 2.0 nearly jailbroken

Hurry, these guys are geniuses. Means hopefully you’ll be about to unlock the phone so you could use it on another carrier and still use the many freeware applications out there as well. Unlock/jailbreak for iPhone OS 2.0 imminent (screenshot) – iPhone Atlas The iPhone Dev team has posted a screenshot, seen below, of an […]

Syslogd runaway

On my Macbook, suddenly syslogd is running away. Seems like http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=20071030233438149 suggests that this is because of Tie Machine, even though I have it switched off. You can go and kill it with /Applications/Utilities/Activity Monitor and hopefully the new instance won’t go crazy. In my case, I did this and the new syslogd is still […]

Rewriting the Anagram program

As Calvin pointed out, its a pain to do the string length and other calculations, so I went back and rewrote the anagram calculation using the prime number trick. That is, assign a prime to each letter from ‘a’ to ‘z’, then you can easily tell if two words are anagrams by multiplying all the […]

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