If you have an Outdoor Research Coupon rejoice!

If you are lucky enough to get a coupon for Outdoor Research, you should know it’s an awesome local firm and they have amazing stuff according to Outdoor Gear Labs (no relation except both are about well, the outdoors :-). But here are some highly rated items:

  1. Outdoor Research Helios. They make the most awesome sun hats. Needed with climate disaster coming to all of us!
  2. Outdoor Research Overdrive Wrap. While tall gaiters are great for snow, these low ones are perfect with trail runners and gravel everywhere.
  3. Outdoor Research Interstellar. I love the name, but this is nice and light for running and other aerobics.
  4. Outdoor Research Ferrosi Hooded. Great for summer climbing, built for cool winds and rough surfaces.
  5. Outdoor Research Aspire – Women’s. Waterproof general purpose jacket.. An editors choice.
  6. Outdoor Research Helium Rain Jacket. An emergency rain jacket.
  7. Outdoor Research Vigor Full Zip – Womans, a breathable fleece.

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