Time Capsule is “preparing” forever, diagnostics and also hangs

I have two different problems now. First, the Time Capsule at work is “preparing”:http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=1606417&tstart=0 forever. No one really has a resolution to this. I’ve run it for 24 hours and it never stops preparing. I really don’t want to lose my backups, but not sure what to do. Maybe take it home over the weekend […]

Time Capsule Archive

In the 7.3.1 firmware, you can now connect a USB Drive to a Time Capsule and then archive the 1TB disk itself. That is a backup of the backup. This is supposed to be fast. However, this is a one time copy so if you don’t have enough space on your backup USB drive and […]

Twitter is cool…

I don’t quite get where you are, but “http://twitter.com/richtong”:http://twitter.com/richtong is something I’ve started to use. It is great for two things, in case someone really wants to know where you are and doesn’t want to call I guess, but the really great thing is that with twitter IM and twitter texting, I can send URLs […]

Rockin’ Fast Network

Normally at work, we have two networks, an unprotected and a protected wifi network, here’s a cool way to implement this. We are going to try this at our Seattle office. h2. Internally If you are lucky, you have all new machines from Apple (yeah!) that are 802.11n. These are all the late model MacBook, […]

Time Capsule Quirks

“John”:http://www.theludwigs.com has been having some trouble with his Time Capsule. The two I have have been working great with the exception that backups don’t seem to start properly (may be related to passwords), but there is lots of “folklore”:http://www.macintouch.com/readerreports/timecapsule/ about how to deal with Time Machine and also a very active http://discussions.apple.com/forum.jspa?forumID=1253 * If you […]

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