Twitter is cool…


I don’t quite get where you are, but “”: is something I’ve started to use. It is great for two things, in case someone really wants to know where you are and doesn’t want to call I guess, but the really great thing is that with twitter IM and twitter texting, I can send URLs that I often times forget and twitter remembers it. Also with Mobile Twitter on my iPhone, I can send photos simply too.

So here are the cool links from this evening I’ve collected (I’ve got to see if there is some sort of Twitter to WordPress plugin) and “”: has a bunch to look at. The most interesting being Twitter tools that turns new blog entries into new twits (is that a word) and turns twits into new blog entries.

“Pineapple Grill”: A really great spot. Some say the bes restaurant on Maui. The slow cooked beef ribs are amazing, the fish is terrific and the chopped salads are really great. I agree, this is pretty cool place. Its at Kapalua close to the Ritz Carlton. Main drawback is that it doesn’t have much of a view, but the food is absolutely amazing.

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