Week 7 of Life in COVID-19 Land

Well it’s been nearly two months since we started self isolation. Since that last trip, I’ve been in the physical presence of four strangers which is pretty remarkable (always masked up). Some notes on living this way: Goodness, nerds like me are dangerous, but a combination of Zoom and work keeps me busy. This is […]

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency tax accounting

Well Alex asked and the rules are sensible if hard to enforce. As usual this isn’t tax advice. Just clips from the network. As your accountant 🙏 If you buy and sell you declare this as short and long term gains. If you buy something with a Bitcoin even for $1 that’s a taxable event […]

Home Security Systems

The state of the art is in such transition here. The future (e.g. Nest) seems pretty clear. Everything should be IP based, we get out of these incredibly high fee driven systems (although Comcast and AT&T are both trying to monetize). This is a great example of how current systems for burglar, smoke and fire, […]

4K gaming requires nVidia 980 slip

Well, Cyber Monday is nearly here and while I haven’t finished the post of Haswell processors, given that a Haswell Cube would be all about gaming, its a good question to ask about monitors and displays. Right now the state of the art is: 1080p (aka 1920×1080, aka HD). Not surprisingly the most mature, you […]

Haswell everywhere…what to build by form factor

I seem to be on a roll here on DIY computer recommendations, so to fill the line out, I’ll add the final two desktop computers to posts and everyone should be ready for Black Friday. One good thing about these comparisons is that Haswell is the same across desktop and mobile lines, so a 1.5 […]

File systems ZFS or btrfs

Well I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, but using desktop Windows and then the Mac, there really were no choices other than NTFS and HFS. But since we are building our own file server, we can now choose the operating system and the file system. The easiest way to evaluate all this […]

SSD decoder ring and Haswell file server rect

Well that post is getting longer and longer and here are some additional notes: SATA drives can plug directly into a SAS backplane. Wow that is pretty cool the so if you have an SAS motherboard, you just need SAS cables to the backplane Storage with SSDs The future of course is moving to PCI […]

Building a cool Haswell File Server

I haven’t built a machine in a while and have never built a dedicated file server box. So lots of great learnings from the exercise. We’ve used first Mac Mini with Drobo and then Synology (nice embedded product), but now it’s time to go all the way to Linux with ZFS so wish me luck. Here […]

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