Well, Cyber Monday is nearly here and while I haven’t finished the post of Haswell processors, given that a Haswell Cube would be all about gaming, its a good question to ask about monitors and displays. Right now the state of the art is:

  • 1080p (aka 1920×1080, aka HD). Not surprisingly the most mature, you can buy a TN panel that runs at 144 Hertz. We’ve had one for a while from ASUS and it works well. They have a new feature called Gsync so that with new nVidia cards, the GPU can manage the frame rates. These monitors are relatively cheap at $400-500.

  • QHD (aka 2550×1440, aka 2.5K). We are just getting the first monitors that can run at a true 120 hertz here. The ASUS ROG does this and costs $800-1000. It’s a TN panel, but for the first time you can get real

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