Windows Networking Still so clunky, big disk problems with Windows Server and 5GHz WiFi DFS Problems

Man, I don’t use Windows too much any more, but somehow I would have thought that simple things like discovery in a home network would be fixed by now. With a Mac, it is trivial to discover a server with something claleedd Bonjour (or mDNS Responder) for power nerds. This basically has each peer in […]

Unifi Instability with Reconnects and Lost Passwords

This has been pretty strange and I’m pretty sure it has to do with the zillions of settings in the Unifi controller. I’ve been pretty aggressive about hitting every box for our home network, but here are some learnings from reading troubleshooting tips from Unifi: The symptoms: Devices will refuse to connect to our network […]

Starbucks and AT&T offer up

After much confusion at the store level, it look slike here is what is happening, if you use a Starbucks card in the last 30 days, you can use AT&T Wifi at Starbucks for two hours. When you sign in, you create an AT&T login. Of course, I already have one, but there doesn’t appear […]

Wifi Hotspots in Wedgewood, Laurelhurst and Ravenna

OK, I get stuck waiting for meetings around the Childrens Hospital quite a bit. If you don’t want to brave the traffic at U-Village, what are the options. As an aside if you are in UVillage, “World Wraps”: does have free Wifi and is less crowded than Starbucks by alot. Well, there are some […]

WEP Cracking

“Tom’s Hardware”: has an amazing guide on how to crack a WEP key on a Wifi network. Kinda scary how easy it is. Everyone should move to the more advanced WPA or WPA2 if you can ASAP. Basically, you need a laptop with a Prism2 card in it (this is a particular chipset that the […]

Wifi Tools

OK, here’s the definitive set of tools that I use to make sure a wifi network is working: * “Advanced LAN Scanner”: This is super useful for figuring out what devices and computers are actually on a network. When you get to a new network run it and it will tell you what’s running and […]

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