The Saga of LG C6 and Unifi Continues

Well network stability remains. I think the fast roaming was the problem, but who knows. But the LG TV still can’t connect. Trying more Google fu, I found:

  1. I did get it to connect to 2.4GHz, but while it said it got an IP address and the DNS and I could it was connected, I didn’t get anything else.
  2. Community.UI.Com. There was a great post from two years ago on this. The one thing I didn’t try was a completely open network. That is obviously horribly scary, but good to try it.
  3. It did seem to connect, but when I tried Apple TV, the connection died again and when I tried to reconnect, it showed no IP connection, but when I waited for a while, it seemed to work.
  4. Net, net it seems like a problem with the WPA2 implementation. I have only WPA2 turned on for security reasons. I wonder if the LG only support WPA1 or something ridiculously like that. But this works. The main thing to remember is to always turn that network off when the TV is not working
  5. The other suggestion was to turn off Auto-optimize network. The Unifi has moved all the channels around so I’m right now on channel 5. I wonder if this is a problem.

Then there is the other set of troubles, our Windows machine keeps falling to 2.4GHz at 72Mbps even though it can connect at 5GHz at 400Mbps. I’ve tried:

  1. Boost the signal of the nearest AP to high for 5GHz and low for 2.4GHz
  2. Change with right click on the Start menu, Device Manager, Network Adapter and on the Qualcomm QCA9377 802.11ac Adapter in Advanced, set prefer 5GHz and turn off D0 coalesce and turn Prefer 5Ghz band, turn roaming aggressiveness to lowest (I’m not sure why I’m doing this), set wireless mode to 802.11a/g/n/ac which basically means no 2.4GHz except for 802.11g, but I might just do 802.11/a/n/ac which I think is 5GHz only
  3. Note that even though it says it is running 833Mbp possible, speed test only shows 85Mbps, but 2.4GHz which is a nominal 144Mbps is 33Mbps so seems like 5GHz is better but not nearly as fast as the 300Mbps to the Internet probably due to the relatively low signal.
  4. Next step is to see if I can put an antenna on the Wifi card inside the desktop

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