Building a poor man's server


Building a poor man’s server

I’ve been trying for three years to build a poor man’s server. Now I have a 120GB server built by myself. Here’s how you can do it to…Here are some miscellaneous notes..
VIA Arena – Drivers. Need these to ensure that you have the 4-in-1 driver for the chipset for Windows XP. It is not clear if XP needs it since it installed OK.
Configuration Using Cable Select. For those of us who have often wondered about cable select. The bottom line is that for most modern machines bought in the last two years, you just stick the drive in and then connect it to the last connector of the IDE cable (assuming it is 80-conductor and the drive is CS by default).
ViewSonic VG171. In getting a new PC, this is the first step, a great new monitor. Got a great review in latest PC World and got it from Check first to see where the low prices are. Also is running a promotion right now on free shipping if over $99 and under 20 pounds.
PC Fan Wiring. You will probably never need this in your life, but in my quest to have a completely silent PC, I needed an adaptor that connects the power supply fan to the motherboard. Can’t believe that google found this in one search. But here is someone who sells the stange parts.

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