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  1. I am getting a message that XP could not find crlsc si.sys. Kernal mode driver or no host adaptor found.
    Now I read that XP does not support Visioneer. What can I do now?

  2. Is there any place that i might go on the web to find the drivers for my visioneer one touch 5800usb scanner

  3. I have a Visioneer scanner that was up and running before my computer crashed. I order a cd and I am trying to reinstall the software as is in order to get the scanner working. I am not an advanced computer operator. Is there anyone out there who has time to walk me through this process. Thanks

  4. Sure I can Sam, email me some details or leave on this site and I can help you. What kind of machine are you using? Windows XP? ME? 95? 2000?
    Then we can walk through the process. It isn’t complicated.

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