George Van Zant Tackle Reviews – Ultralight lessons
Continuing on with my education and knowing that the big fish are always caught on bait, I learned more valuable techniques. First and most important, it’s always best to use very light test mono, you will get twice as many hook-ups. I use 2 LB P-line on one reel (Shimano Symetre SY- 1000 FH) with the back-up spool holding 3 LB P-line. On my Daiwa Tournament SS 700, I have also 2 LB on one spool and 6 LB P-line on its back-up. My Ultra light Daiwa Spinmatic SM-Z500 has 2 LB wound on the main spool and backed up with a spool of 4 LB fluorocarbon. Crowley is a very mossy lake, which necessitates the use of floating bait to elevate it above the moss. Most everyone uses Power Bait, inflated night crawlers, marshmallows etc. The bait floats up over the bottom but is held down by a 1/4 ounce slip egg sinker or split shot.
Since I switched to very ultra light rod and reels, I have done some things to augment the ultra, ultra light fishing techniques. First I switched to 2X light wire fly tying hooks, barbless in many situations and to a long, skinny, extremely light, fly rod blank. I have constructed an 8 footer, an 8 1/2 footer and a long 9 footer. The rod blanks are graphite 3 and 4 weight types with extremely slow bends. When a hooked trout repeatedly takes his traditional wild lunges, the long soft rod action gently bends all the way to the reel seat. The super sharp skinny hooks always stick solid in the fishes’ mouth and do not straighten out as they meet the soft cushion of the rods action. Sure, it takes longer to land them, but who cares as long as they get into the net.

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