Ultralight Spinning Rods Six New Ultralight Spinning Rods,
Ultimate Ultralight Travel Set Added
CERRITOS, CA– Daiwa is taking ultralight spinning tackle to the extreme level with its six new Spinmatic rod models, each of which features titanium nitrided Zirconia tip-top that is so tough a file cannot scratch it.
With Daiwa’s X-Treme guide system ultralight practitioners can be assured of long casts and solid performance. Daiwa’s X-Treme guide system has its basis in the physics of fishing and its proof in researched performance. To obtain peak performance Daiwa increased the number of guides for greater sensitivity and rod action, decreased their size for better rod balance and accuracy. And, finally, Daiwa rod designers placed the guides closer together for better hook setting power. The result is X-Treme.
Maximum power and sensitivity is achieved through the high-performance graphite used in these Spinmatic rods. The classic looking gunsmoke guide frames, high-grade cork handles and aesthetic finish make these rods ultra-pleasing. The genuine Fuji? reel seat provides a sure, snug fit for any ultralight even though they were designed for Daiwa’s classy Spinmatic ultralight reels which feature up to five ball bearings.

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