CommuniCam (MCA-10)-DPY901242, Cell Phone Battery,


CommuniCam (MCA-10)-DPY901242, Cell Phone Battery, Charger, Leather Case, Faceplates at MARQUEL.COM A plug-on accessory camera that's powered by the phone through the system connector. Pictures can be sent as E-mail attachments stored in a virtual album EMI (Ericsson Mobile Internet). The camera is controlled through dynamic menus.
Instant imaging is growing in popularity. And the new mobile camera, CommuniCam MCA-10, provides a simple way to send pictures over the Internet. However, it's important to note that this isn't a high performance digital camera. It's an affordable product designed to make messaging even more fun - and personal. But what about image quality? To speed up the transmission process for the user, as well as reduce costs, we've opted for CIF image resolution (352x288 pixels), with a colour depth of 24 bits. An ideal solution for this application. Features: Image resolution: 352x288pxl. A cool utility I'll have to get one for connie