T D F – 2


T D F - 2 0 0 2 : canal le Tour - OLN. Ok, here are the notes on following the Tour de France. The best site part of this site is the Listen Live section at http://www.olntv.com/listenlive.html where you cn hear the Outdoor Life Network coverage. Main web site is the www.letour.fr, but I like to watch the www.velonews.com particularly the Tyler Hamilton daily dairy. Also check out www.cyclingnews.com, an Australian site, is the place to see the techie information and great commentary by Joe about Postal's tactics. As always check out www.grahamwatson.com for some really great wallpaper and screensavers on the Tour De France.
Also check out www.siriusradio.com which has a webcast of Outdoor Live live