Ritchey Bicycle Components Stem torquesStem


Ritchey Bicycle Components Stem torquesStem Torque Specs and bolt pattern on Stems:
These are Maximums only.
1. The two steerer clamp bolts DO NOT exceed 150kg-cm (130lbs-in.) torque. For carbon Steerers, DO NOT exceed 90KG+cm (78lbs-in).
2. The four front cap bolts: Tighten the top two bolts first, so that the face plate touches the stem and then torque down the bottom two bolts. This spreads the force down the clamp and not through the middle. DO NOT exceed 90kg-cm (78lbs-in.) torque.
*130 lbs-in = 10.8 Foot-Pounds = 14.7 Meter-Newton’s
*78 lbs-in = 6.5 Foot-Pounds = 8.8 Meter-Newton’s
** Pro stems are 10% lower

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