Cinelli Ram Integrated Bars


Cinelli Cinelli Ram Integrated Bars
Fully produced in carbon fiber, monocoque, rigid, ergonomic, light, resistant, Ram is the latest revolution. The Ram's main support plan features a wing section with the characteristic drop profile improving the hand grippping. Its sinuous shape has not only been due to the aesthetic sense but also to ergonomics: the front V allows for grasping Ram when leading on the slopes or in spurts. With its side high hand position, this handlebar has been expressely conceived to accompany perfectly the thumb and the palm in their grasping. The passage of the cables is inside and the handle configuration and inclination allow a good approach to the brake levers. The fork tube closure is in aluminum (inserted clutch) to assure a tight and safe clamping. The Ram is a very sophisticated product combining ergonomics, lightness and comfort, with competitive spirit.
100/40, 110/40, 110/42, 120/42,
130/42, 130/44 and 140/44
320 grams
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