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CyberPixels WebHosting – Hosting Plans. Recommended by paradoxx. Wow, the prices are great.
I just signed up for this and we’ll see how it goes. I’m going to move Geek Fishing as an experiment. Most interesting will be to test out some of the applications they install for you. Here’s a quick list that I’m going to try:

  1. MegaBook. This appears to be a freeware guestbook registrar
  2. XMB. A very neat message board.
  3. ImageArcadia. Image galleries.
  4. Movable Type. They support this. Cool
  5. b2 cafelog. The most feature risk blogger according to the blog comparison charts

If all works out, the only thing missing from using FrontPage will be some sort of navigation generator. I’ve been thinking about this and think the way to do the site long term is to make every major section a blog and then there will only be very simple navigation. A blog is a very convenient way to think about most entries on my personal web site.

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