Bike Advice I've been learning


Bike Advice
I've been learning how to maintain bikes for about a year now. Here's a quick list of the sites and books I've used. Good luck yourself!

  1. Art of Road Bike Maintenance and Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance. It is not as complete in the details, but gives you a good overview.
  2. Sheldon Brown. This is the next level down. Sheldon's articles are just great and he's very practical. Helped me find great things like rear derailleur self-shifting solutions. Also good advice on routing cables and also on motorbike style brakes (you wire the right hand to the front instead of the rear brake).
  3. Lickton's, but I try to direct my business here as much as I can to support their great efforts.
  4. I haven't used this site much but it appears to have some very good advice.