Christmas is coming, time to look at bikes

MTBReviews 2003 Kid Bikes. Has the best listing of kids bikes. Shopping for bike is starting. They need a good 20 inch wheel mountain bike with gears. Here’s a quick review of some of the major ones. I’m looking for aluminum frame, 7-speed, 20 inch wheels in a hardtail:

  • Marin Hidden Canyon. This got the nod in Bicycling Magazine. $219 7-speed, suspension fork and side-pull brakes. REI should carry it, but it is not on their site and you can also find at Velo Bike.
  • K2 Zed. This one also meets all the specs at $220 list price. It has a 7005 aluminum Unigender frame, Spinner Exceed-210 fork with 50mm of travel, 7-speed Shimano Tourney/SRAM GripShift with double chain guard cranks. We can go to REI to get it at $219
  • Giant MTX 125. Similar to the K2 in specs with ALUXX aluminum Lite Beam frame, Shimano Tourney and Sram MRX 7 speed shifters. You can find them at Performance Bike Shop, Velo in Seattle. And while you’re there, admire the TCR Composite Team, which is a replica of the ONCE/Eroski bikes that did so well in the Tour de France.

There is also a road bike to consider at H.H. Kid Road Bikes. Wow, there is actually someone making high quality road bikes for kids. Nice find. This is a 20 inch wheel with a frame. I wonder how you build it up?
There are some other choices as well, but these are steel frames:

  • KHS Raptor. Hey does everyone get their bikes from the same place. This has nearly the same specs, but is steel. $205 SRP. Heavy-Duty TIG-Welded Frame, Mozo M-20 Suspension Fork w/MX Front Fender, SEC Twist Shifter and Shimano 7 Speed Freewheel
  • Haro V20. Steel though. SR Suntou XCC suspension fork, SRAM MAX shift levers, WTB threadless aheadset. THe threadless headset is pretty cool.
  • Kids. It is too bad Trek doesn’t make anything like this.

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    Tong Family Blog: Christmas is coming, time to. It’s been three years since Alex and Calvin got their K2 Zed road bikes. They have loved them ,but they are getting bigger, so nows the time to find out what’s next. 24″ road bike makes the most sense, bu…

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