The Game of Risk

Been playing this with the kids since Alex got it for his birthday. Naturally Connie, being a living buddha and a hard core game player since 5 years of age, always wins. So, here are some places to get some strategy help. Like chess, I only win because of the Internet:
La Strategia del RisiKo!. Actually, it is in English, but some good hints here.
A bunch of computer clones of Risk. Some nice freeware from when I’m on the plane.
Risk FAQ. Of course there is an FAQ about the game.

2 responses to “The Game of Risk Been”

  1. Rich Tong Avatar

    Thanks for the comment. I’ll have to give Lux a try. I kind of like the traditional Risk map though, although I realize the countries are completely arbitray, there is something fun about conquering Europe.

  2. dustin Avatar

    There is another awesome Risk game Lux. You can find it at

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