Linksys Router updates can silently hurt you…

Linksys Router updates can silently hurt you…

PPTP disabled by default. Turns out that when I upgraded the firmware to my Linksys router last month, they added a new parameter buried somewhere deep that was disable PPTP so all my VPN access would hang. This was enabled by default. Amazing what some folks do. Probably in the name of security, but talk about a silent update. You have to get into there to turn it off. Be warned. The vpn has been working flawlessly since I figured this out.

uPNP bugs. The other thing, to know is that if you have XP in your network, then the latest firmware for Linksys turns on uPNP by default. So, suddenly a new icon appears in Windows XP that is called "Internet Gateway." Being a dope, I thought that this was on my XP machine and disabled it since there is no indication that it is on the network somewhere in the user interface. This shutsoff the router box. Even if you know this, I've noticed that XP will occasionally hang the router. So I have disabled it. Words of warning.

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  1. Sometimes UPnP can be useful. Take a look at my web site for some uses. But definitely watch out for those security holes.

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