Windows remembered!

Doug’s Dynamic Drivel. It is nice to see that Fred Langa at least remembers what Windows in the early days was like. I’m sure it will be lost in obscurity, but the work of those folks was amazing.

I had the chance to watch folks like Brad Silverberg, David Cole, John Ludwig pretty much singlehandedly pull Windows out of obsolesence and into the mainstream

Of course, I also got to watch folks like Jim Allchin and Dave Cutler yank an enterprise server system into existence. What a day it was

3 responses to “Windows remembered!”

  1. The Dynamic Driveler Avatar

    I have to confess – it shames me to do so 🙂 – but mine was a Packard Hell ——- er I mean Bell :-). I never had any serious trouble with QEMM that i can recall, it sure made my life easier.

  2. Rich Tong Avatar

    I remember that machine well. The 386Sx. What a mess it all was. I worked in the group that tried to get the word out on how to QEMM to work. It was fun. I remember that 386SX machine I had in the same era. Was a Wyse machine. had 128MB of memory and a gigantic 10MB hard disk. Monochrome screen though.
    Fred is a pretty smart guy.

  3. The Dynamic Driveler Avatar

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the trackback 🙂
    I got my first computer in 1992 (386SX16 4MB RAM) and was running DOS 3.0. I remember running QEMM and a few other progs that I can’t remember now in my mid dottering 50s to try and approximate a multitasking environment so that I could leave my BBS up and do my own work on the system at the same time. The arrival of Win3.1 for me was a blessing, I got on the Internet for the first time (if you don’t count the emails I used to send from another BBS I logged into that had a gateway) and 95 was a mind blowing experience 🙂 I think Fred pretty much nailed it with that article.

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