CD Copy Protection

Fat Chuck’s – Corrupt CDs News. I hit my first copy protected CD today. It’s SHeDAISY’s Brand New Year and can’t playback on lots of my PC at work, but interestingly does seems to rip OK on a Lite-on CD-RW, so it is not clear where the compatibility is.

It is amazing that the record industry is fighting this kind of battle with their users. Where is the love the customer philosophy anyway. In any case, as usual, the Internet is filled with information about it and I’m sure I’ll find the hack to listen to this soon.

Here are the tools that I’ve found which let you actually listen to CDs on your computer:

  • Clone CD. Let’s you make exact copies. It has a 21 day evaluation edition and then you buy it. Seemed to work perfectly
  • cdparanoia. An open source project that reads CDs and corrects errors. These copy protection schemes work by introducing errors which make it hard for CD players to work. For instance, this copy protected SHeDAISY has a bad bonus track that looks to our car CD player like a bad track 14, but causes at least some of my PCs to reject the whole thing

John Ludwig has a good post that points out the RIAA statistics are just so much gobblegook. It is not clear that they are crashing. But, it is pretty intuitively clear that they are losing some important sectors. The young and the geeked.

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