Windows XP SP1


TweakTown :: Overclocking, tweaking, overclock, tweak, computer, CPU, motherboard, graphics, memory, processor, cooling and case modding. It's amazing how fast the Internet community figures things out. The Windows XP SP1 knows about pirated keys from the original release and doesn't install on these. In about 10 minutes after it is released, you get pages like this that patiently explain how to generate new PIDs and then how to install SP1. Amazing.

Here's a quick summary of instructions:
# "Download": The XP Serial viewer and changer.
# Run the changer utility, this will show a bunch of PIDs, then start the activation wizard
# Select "yes, I want to telephone a customer service representative"
# Click on change the product key
# Enter the product key generated above
# See that the change took by running the view Pid utility
# Go and install Service Pack 1. Easiest way is to start Internet Explorer, choose Tools/Windows Update and have it scan and install
# The Service Pack installation will fail if the PID is still invalid. Go back to the top and try again.