Testing games

Getting ready to test a new product by Pure Networks. I just love it when this consists of playing the best and funnest PC games. Here are some lists I used to do a little shopping:

Here’s a list of games that I ordered to try:

  • Battlefield 1942
  • Unreal Tournament
  • Combat Mission. Actually everything from Battlefront looks pretty cool to me. Particularly TacOps4 which is a dumbed down version of the actual simulator used in the US Army. I love realism.
  • America’s Army. Somewhat incredibly the U.S. Army itself has a free computer simulation game it uses for recruiting. it is supposed to be pretty good too. Like living back in the .com days if you ask me.

One response to “Testing games”

  1. John Ludwig Avatar

    unreal tournament is great. medal of honor is awesome — amazing normandy beach episode.

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