Trek 560

I have a beloved 1985 Trek 560 road bike. I’m updating its components as my second bike. For more detials, Vintage trek has scanned in the actual 1985 Trek Racing Bike Brochure. This means I’m going to:

  • Drive Train. Changing out all the six speed drive train into a Campagnolo 10-speed set with a combination of Record and Chorus parts. Right now, all the components are out and I now need to insert the bottom bracket, rear derailleur, chain
  • Brakes and Levers. Going to Campagnolo Record STI levers. I’ll use the existing brake set for now. Now to go is to get the brakes connected to the SIT levers
  • Unbending the rear hanger. It got bent in a crash, so I need to straighten
  • Tires and Fenders. Getting cycle-cross tires onto it and also fenders.

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  1. Rich Tong Avatar

    It’s indeed a beautiful bike. I’m nearly done with it’s update. Glad you love yours too. Mines looks like it is in good shape as well. Little rust.
    Current specs are:
    1. Textor Long Reach brakes. I lost a part of the brake adjuster, Got them from Need long reach since these are older. The original Sun Tour brake is in the rear.
    2. Campagnolo Ergo Record STI. From my other bike, a little scratched, but nice.
    3. Campagnolo Chorus 10 rear long cage derailleur with Campagnolo 13-26 cassette. Someday I’ll upgrade to a 3 ring front, so this long case was the same price. A little heavier
    4. Campagnolo Hubs with Mavic CXP-33 rims. I’m setting this up as a touring bike, so need something a little stronger.
    5. Deda Prima 199 Bars. From my old bike. Light as heck.
    6. ICON Sterling Stem 110 mm. Super light at 120 grams. Came off my Trek 5900. This uses a Cinelli quill adapter.
    7. Original fork and frame from my Trek 560.
    8. Original front derailleur. Although I’ve lost the original bolt in the rebuild, so it has a rube goldberg bolt on it stolen from a dead Campy Chorus derailleur.

  2. James Avatar

    I too have a TREK 560, black w/red accents, 54cm- over the years she has been upgraded from the original 12 sp to Shimano 16 sp- on MAVIC rims and Shimano 600 hubs and Shimano 600 chainrings, fw and Dura ace bb still has original friction shifters- handle bars made by Cinelli and a carbon fiber seat post.
    Recently I took in to my local bike shop- which has seen her many times and asked about the structual intigrity of the frame- it was excellent.
    I decided to to do some touch up paint- I used a real fine grain sandpaper removed some of the pain along the rear triangle- the primed it 2x and repainted then clear coated-
    I would put any bike against her today

  3. Rich Tong Avatar

    Good point, check out Trek 5900

  4. Serdar Kilic Avatar

    What is your other, main, bike ?
    You’ve just got to post some pictures!

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