Skis for Me and the Kids

Skis for Me and the Kids

Now that we are on our third season of skiing, its pretty clear that I and the boys love it, so maybe its time to get off the rentals. Something tells me that the spring clearances will be great this year because of the recession and poor skiing out here. So, here's to some more shopping. First, looking at reviews:


  1. Hey Rich – stumbled across your BLOG because Mary Jo points to it on
    Before I moved to Seattle I ran a ski shop in Taos, New Mexico. I learned then that boots are most important. Get the best you can afford and rent skis – especially if you ski less than 10 or 15 times a year. You can rent basic skis for about $20/day and top quality “demos” for $40. 10 days at $40/day is much less than a good quality pair of new skis but this way you’re skiing on the latest model every year. With growing kids, you’ll have to replace skis every year or two anyway.
    No charge for the advice! Hope all is well.

  2. Hey Mason, thanks for the note. Long time no hear. What are you up to these days? That is a great tip. Get the boots and rent the skis. Love it.

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