Where are the Cycling Blogs?


  1. blogs are new to me but I have the cycling disease pretty bad, I have 3(+) bikes and have had many an adventure, Any one out there? Talk to me.

  2. Lots of folks to talk to. They tend to lurk. Most bikers don’t tend to be Internet folks I guess. Too busy riding I think.
    As for me, I love biking, but don’t have the time to do it. Gearing up to do the Seattle-to-Portland (about 200 miles) this summer. Should be fun.
    In our shop ignition partners, we have a bunch of serious bikers: Brad, Steve, me and Martin. So it is fun to hang there.

  3. Er … probably not what you’re looking for, but you could try kaleboel for what is mainly historical stuff in English, Dutch, Catalan, and pictures.

  4. Rich. Just searched google for “cycling blog” and came to this thread. Here’s a blog we started up over the Giro d’Italia earlier this year. I hope some of it maybe interesting to you?

  5. Welcome to the world of cycling blogs, Gary. Pretty cool that you are tracking your mileage. I started where you were not too many years ago and it is great exercise.
    Get those miles in and set a goal. That’s what its all about and mainly have fun!

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