Project for the New American Century (PNAC)


  1. THis actually really got its start arount 1975 with an article by Henry Kissinger in Harpers magazine written under the psuedonym Miles Ignotus that concerned itself with the seizure of Saudi oil by the US. A lot of conservatives rallied around this from both sides of the house. This was the nucleus of the group that later came to be called the”neoconservatives” which includes Richard Perle, Rumsfeld, Cheney and others who now run the current administration and who make up the organizers of PNAC. There are a couple of excellent articles that cover the rise of this cabal and its effects on geopolitics.
    “Mother Jones”:
    “Rupe India”:
    the second one is rather lengthy but well worth a read.
    PNAC is a very dangerous group for world peace. Peace is the last thing on their agenda.

  2. I personally find the PNAC terrifying. And, yet again, I have realized that one can not count on the mainstream media for REAL information…..only ABC’s Nightline talked about this in early March 2003, but now Kopel is reporting from Iraq, so we won’t hear from him again. It’s no wonder more American’s support the war w/ Iraq than don’t….more Europeans than Americans know about the PNAC. I just hope that the world can get through the next two years, in the meantime I try to bring the PNAC to everyone’s attention, and I’m going to register as a democrat, and volunteer for “get out the vote” campaigns….anything I can do to help ensure that Bush II is only a one-term president, just like his daddy.

  3. An interesting tidbit on the PNAC. In their “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” document released in September, 2000, on page 63, there is a mention of: “Further, the process of transormation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, ABSENT SOME CATASTOPHIC AND CATALYZING EVENT – LIKE A NEW PEARL HARBOR.” (Capitalization for emphasis)
    Prediction…or policy?
    Anyone who does some research regarding what was known to the US prior to 9/11 will find an incredible amount of irony and coincidence surrounding the event.
    One incredible event is that of John O’Neill, lead Al Qaeda investigator for the FBI since 1993, who was prevented from investigating the Al Qaeda bombing of the USS Cole in 2000 by a US Ambassador to Yemen named Barbara Bodine. Such a restriction prevented Mr. O’Neill from chasing leads and continuing to trail Bin Laden and his cronies in an attempt to prevent future attacks. His work had previously been noted to save lives, such as the prevention of the LAX bombing in 1999 and the prevention of Al Qaeda attacks on American citizens in Jordan.
    In the end, O’Neill is still said to have known something, but the extent of which will never be known. In August, 2001, after having his reputation sabotaged internally within the FBI, he resigned. Barbara Bodine, strangely enough, also resigned her position as Ambassador in August, 2001, as well.
    In the end, there are some strange circumstances revolving around this information. Less than a week before 9/11, John O’Neill took up his new job as security chief for the World Trade Center. He had been heard to say things such as “Something big is about to happen” in the short time before that day. When Tower 1 was struck, John made it out of the building safely, made calls to his family, and was last seen re-entering Tower 1. His remains were found months later.
    The second most strange event to come of this is that Barbara Bodine, the woman who tied up the USS Cole investigation, is who the Bush Administration has proposed organize and administer Central Iraq after the US claimes it. I would consider her sabotage of a pre-9/11 terrorist investigation to be a punishable offense, however, she is being rewarded handsomely for her “outstanding service to her country.” Incredible.
    Myself, I’m fairly convinced that the US could have prevented 9/11 altogether. However, just as the PNAC claimed one year before it happened, it was necessary for the Bush administration to immediately acheive their goal of establishing public support for their agenda.

  4. Thanks Nora, Chuck and of course Mr. Driveler. The links you posted btw were amazingly interesting and scary. Yikes, there are people that think like that.
    I’m not personally a big conspiracy theorist, but pretty depressing how we looked the other way in Yemen and lots of other places.
    Let’s hope the current war in Iraq isn’t another catastrophe for the generations. I have to say everytime I hear Rumsfeld, I think of McNamara. Knows it all and wants to do it on the cheap and it will be easy. Personally, I think if we are going to be in there, for gosh sakes, let’s put another 150K men in and make it really work.

  5. may I remind anyone who cares that when asked why the US kept promoting and protecting Hussein, McNamara replied: “We knew he was a son of a bitch, but we thought he was OUR son of a bitch.”
    “old European”

  6. To those people interested in their Liberty and worried by the scary future proposed by PNAC, I suggest you take very careful note of what is contained in the Patriot Act II (under the guise of Homeland Security). This insidious bit of potential future legislation will effectively kill your beloved Constitutional Rights dead. Not surprisingly it is tied in with the PNAC plans. Keep a very weary eye on any Homeland Security bills entering Congress, especially during this Iraq conflict. What scares me is that if all the PNAC plans were to come to fruition then this Patriot Act II is likely to be introduced globally in which case Orwells ‘1984’ just arrived 20 years late. The American people have to stop this for their own and everyone elses sake. You also need to be questioning what has happened to the ‘stolen trilions’ of tax payers money that have disappeared in recent years. Illumination on this can be found in a fascinating article I found here, from a very authoritative source.
    I’m not a great one for conspiracy theories, but the reality of some this stuff is even more wild than the wildest theories.
    Good luck to you all.

  7. That PNAC is undoubedly one of the scariest groups on the planet: its progenitors must be watching the events in Iraq and rubbing their hands with glee.
    You wanna know just how scary? From their document about Rebuilding America’s Defences comes this little gem about the future of war: “advanced forms of biological warfare that can “target” specific genotypes may transform biological warfare from the realm of terror to a politically useful tool.”
    Yeah, you’re right, these folks think they have it all figured out.. But they don’t give a rat’s ass whether we agree or not.
    Be scared. Be very scared.

  8. The essay which I have enclosed was written in advance of the event described in the news article which immediately follows.
    Ex-CIA director: U.S. faces ‘World War IV’
    From Charles Feldman and Stan Wilson
    Thursday, April 3, 2003 Posted: 5:02 PM EST (2202 GMT
    LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — Former CIA Director James Woolsey said Wednesday the United States is engaged in World War IV, and that it could continue for years.
    In the address to a group of college students, Woolsey described the Cold War as the third world war and said “This fourth world war, I think, will last considerably longer than either World Wars I or II did for us. Hopefully not the full four-plus decades of the Cold War.”
    Woolsey has been named in news reports as a possible candidate for a key position in the reconstruction of a postwar Iraq.
    He said the new war is actually against three enemies: the religious rulers of Iran, the “fascists” of Iraq and Syria, and Islamic extremists like al Qaeda.
    Woolsey told the audience of about 300, most of whom are students at the University of California at Los Angeles, that all three enemies have waged war against the United States for several years but the United States has just “finally noticed.”
    “As we move toward a new Middle East,” Woolsey said, “over the years and, I think, over the decades to come … we will make a lot of people very nervous.”
    It will be America’s backing of democratic movements throughout the Middle East that will bring about this sense of unease, he said.
    “Our response should be, ‘good!'” Woolsey said.
    Singling out Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and the leaders of Saudi Arabia, he said, “We want you nervous. We want you to realize now, for the fourth time in a hundred years, this country and its allies are on the march and that we are on the side of those whom you — the Mubaraks, the Saudi Royal family — most fear: We’re on the side of your own people.”
    Woolsey, who served as CIA director under President Bill Clinton, was taking part in a “teach-in” at UCLA, a series of such forums at universities across the nation.
    A group calling itself “Americans for Victory Over Terrorism” sponsors the teach-ins, and the Bruin Republicans, UCLA’s campus Republicans organization, co-sponsored Wednesday night’s event.
    The group was founded by former Education Secretary William Bennett, who took part in Wednesday’s event along with Paul Bremer, a U.S. ambassador during the Reagan administration and the former chairman of the National Commission on Terrorism.

  9. I accessed the site of PNAC several weeks ago and recently decided to go back to it to forward some of the material to interested friends. In several tries over several days I now find the site not available. Is this a coincidence, just my computer, or have they gone underground?

  10. I like most all of you (I read all the comments) am very fearful and totaly against the PNAC, The Carlyle Group and the rest of this cabal. But I must warn you people that some of you are falling into the trap of the SUPPPOSED OPPOSITION. The United Nations is not our friend and the Democratic Party as it now stands is also not our friend. They are just the other side of the same coin!! Wake Up!! The only differences are on the surface (social issues) and they are just there to make us think we have a true 2 party system (What a lie!!) and divide us along political lines. Have you ever heard of divide and conquer? Wasn’t it Clinton who initiated Kosovo? That’s all part of the PNAC plan. Read their views on the “Balkans”: They (the PNAC) asked Clinton to act and he listened. What about Haiti and Somalia? Listen to Alex Jones and check his “website”: Read Jayna Davis’ report on the Oklahoma City “bombing”:

  11. Great comments by all. Also, the other URLs are great references. Thanks to everyone for contributing.

  12. PNAC and the Council on Foreign Relations go hand in hand with their grand design for world government that will usher in world wide tyranny.
    People need to know that world government is not the answer, it is part of the problem. Visit for more info. Reading THE NEW AMERICAN magazine will take you deep into the truth zone. Visit and then subscribe.

  13. The following revealing item on Henry Kissinger is extracted from an article from the ‘New World Order Intelligence Update’ []:
    ‘And, fellow-Canadians, as a faint echo of the freedoms we have now lost in this once great Dominion, here’s a robust exercise of free speech, fresh from the Mother Country, which is now impossible to imagine in modern Canada!
    [Henry Kissinger walks out on Paxman radio program in the U.K. after being asked, among other things, if he felt “like a fraud.” Exchange below, as reported by THE GUARDIAN, 29th June, 1999]
    Jeremy Paxman: “It’s been 17 years since the last volume of your memoirs. You said you wanted to let the dust settle but [didn’t you] need the distance in order to rewrite history?”
    Dr Kissinger: “No I based these memoirs on documents which were as valid then as they are now.”
    Paxman: [describes Kissinger’s claim that he ended the cold war as “farfetched”] “What bothers a lot of people is you seem to ignore the human rights of people within regimes with which you’re trying to establish a balance of power.”
    Kissinger: “That’s not correct either.”
    Paxman: question about supporting General Pinochet and undermining President Allende in Chile.
    Kissinger: “We did not support Pinochet. In what way did we support Pinochet?”
    Paxman: “You supported the military regime.”
    Kissinger: “After the coup we preferred Pinochet to Allende.”
    Paxman: “It doesn’t stop there… You’re on record justifying the [behaviour of the] Chinese government in Tiananmen Square.”
    Kissinger:… “I have never supported what the Chinese did in Tiananmen Square.”
    Paxman: “Did you feel a fraud for accepting the Nobel Prize [for the Indo-China agreement]?”
    Kissinger: “I wonder what you do when you do a hostile interview?”
    Paxman: [accuses Kissinger of a “wilful misreading of history”]
    Kissinger: “It may be a misreading but it wasn’t wilful.”
    Paxman: question about the “hundreds of thousands of people killed in the bombing of Cambodia”.
    Kissinger: “That’s absolutely untrue. We have no evidence that hundreds of thousands of people were killed… I think this is an absolute outrage, it’s nonsense.”
    Paxman: “You don’t deny [the bombing of Cambodia] was secret though?… This was a secret operation against a neutral country…”
    Kissinger: “Come on now, Mr Paxman, this was 15 years ago, and you at least have the ability to educate yourself about a lie on your own programme… ”
    Paxman: “What’s factually inaccurate?”
    Kissinger: “… That’s outrageous… ” [Kissinger abruptly leaves: Paxman calls out, “‘Bye, Dr. Kissinger”!]’
    You’ll also find a superb archive of articles on the New World Order [which is impacting and changing us all increasingly] from the ‘New World Order Intelligence Update’, at They are also mirrored at and at Well worth reading!

  14. Wow, pretty terrifying response by Kissinger. As if recent events weren’t enough to remind us of Vietnam. Does anyone else notice how communism of 1960s is now terrorism of the 21st century.
    And, the incrementalism is back. What ever happened to the Powell doctrine. Massive force, clear goals and an obvious exit strategy.
    My heart goes out to our troops suck out on a limb in Iraq.

  15. Dublin, Ireland calling. The Project scared me to hell. It still does. I first read about it in February 2003 in The ( London ) Observer. It has all the hallmarks of an imperial power bent on world domination. To everyone in America, you ought to know that you are indeed the greatest country in the world and you have some of the most fantastic people ever, but the foreign policy of the US is a very dangerous thing for the rest of the world.I saw Iraqis, even during the war telling the TV cameras that America is a great country and the American people are very generous people, but that they hated Pres Bush for what he was doing to Iraq. So long as oil and other energy resources dominate US foreign policy, they will not like America out there.

  16. Great points, Richard. They scare the heck out of many people. The only good news is that the daily casualty reports are having people take notice.
    This isn’t like Vietnam where you can exactly hide what is going on. Every soldier has email and the Internet is everywhere. Thank goodness!

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