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If you are like me and are glued (simultaneously) to CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News, then you'll love some of these sites. Every technical details. Worst part though is the next time, a reporter says, we are watching that tank, you'll grimace and say that ain't no tank, that dope, doesn't he know thats a "M1068A3 Standard Integrated Command Post System Carrier": Also know as the mobile command post for the division. Anyway the sites I use:
* "Global Security": If you can donate to these guys, they are chewing up bandwidth. Some great sub parts of their sites are "Army Order of Battle": where you can see what units are related to what and the "Marine": version is there too. Good for understanding the difference between the 1st MEF and the 1st Marine Division (a good quiz show question).
* "Federation of American Scientist MAN": A great resource for the world. Useful has been things like "US Land Vehicles":
* Strategy Page. Haven't used this much till now, but Dean Esmay says it is great. Particular useful is the "ORBAT": (order of battle) in Iraq. It's run by a guy named Dunnigan who has written quite a bit about warfare. Has a nice military "map": there as well.
* "Orbat": An entire site dedicated just to order of battle and also table of organization and equipment (TO&E). Much is subscription, but a bunch is not. Also google appears to cache some interesting stuff as well.
* "Global Security Iraq War": A focus at Global security. Checkout their orbat section.

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