Since there are so many great bloggers covering the news and so forth from whatever point of view, I thought I'd being a blog of the good questions I've heard over the last day. Then it's off to sleep
* On CNN, they asked the Comcent folks, who don't you just turn off the Iraqi TV, seems like it is a way to get the Iraqi people excited. Apparently, the briefers said essentially, "We'll do it when Tommy Franks says." As the anchor there (I'm beginning to like the guy I think) said, "we just ask the questions."
* On MSNBC, they had a good list of folks watching the Arab press. BTW I wish I could get Al Jazeera and understand it. Points out the words are different. For instance, this isn't call Operation Iraqi Freedom. It is called the War of Occupation.
* On NPR, a watcher of both Western and Arab presses says each comes with their own POV. He's amazed that CNN for instance hasn't shown wounded civilians in Basra.
* On Fox, someone points out that the southern Shia's a definitely not rising up against Saddam as hoped. Big firefight going on the supply line.
* On all, big questions about how strung out folks are and the lack of combat power. I think he called it, "war on the cheap." Most frightening comment of the night IMHO.
* So as not to be depressing. A sages assessment "Ralph Peters": Reminds of Colin Powell's point about how optimism is a force multiplier.
* Why is there a Marine general in charge of the northern Iraq. Interesting. I'm confused. Jointness taken to the logical extreme?
Good night, I'm off to bed. A big sandstorm over there and sounds like there's a 24 hour pause as resupply happens.


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