It won't be a cake walk

You can hope and pray, but it won’t be. I was up until 1AM watching CNN the other night. I still can’t believe you can watch this stuff. Anyway, more websites for news junkies:
* Eye On Iraq. Like Global Strategy, has a good listof things going on.
* “Naval Open Source Intelligence”: Amazing what you can collect just by reading the Internet. This guy has a good blog as well.
* “Baghdad looms ahead”: BTW, the blogs of BBC correspondents is good too, but they keep moving the URL so go to the “BBC”: main page to find it under war diaries.
* Main thing on CNN has been where are all the other heavy troops. So much for a bunch of Special Forces is all we need (Mr. Rumfeld). Main depressing thing was Wesley Clark asking, where is that other heavy corps. They sure could use it now. I’m going to bed 🙁

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