HDTV STB Reviews


The Official AVS HDTV Forum STB Synopsis. At last one place where lots of HDTV set top box reviews are kept. Really hard to find this. Surprised that google couldn't.
Great reading on the current generation. I'm right now looking for an high definition television receiver for good old over-the-air with a plain old antenna. If you can believe it, that's the way to get most stations. My dad's new house has a clear shot at Queen Anne Hill, so he should be able to get most of them. There are quite a few set top boxes that do this, but I'm looking for a cheap one for him. There appear to be three that fit the bill with lots of folks arguing about what is best. Main thing is that they cost about $350 according to "Pricescan":http://www.pricescan.com/electronics/scripts/Q03010106.asp, so it isn't an arm and a leg. Personally, I'm waiting for high definition Tivo so I can record and pray that Dish gets lots more high definition content.
* "Three-way comparison":http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?s=15c13567e905b5a241a0458a9a2fbca5&threadid=238498&highlight=zenith+hdv420. An interesting comparison of the three. Basically the same.
* "Zenith HDV420":http://www.projectorexpert.com/Pages/zenith.html. Someone actually did some measurement on it and found it slightly better than the Samsung TS-151 in sensitivity and multipath rejection, so it should pull in signals better. It is $370 at "Cousins":http://www.shopcousinsvideo.com/zenhdathdrec.html.
* "Panasonic TUDST52":http://ww1.onecall.com/PID_17460.htm. It is $360 from OneCall right now. Best attribute is that it is very small.
* "Samsung TS-151":http://www.projectorexpert.com/Pages/samsung2.html. About "$360":http://www.pricegrabber.com/search_getprod.php/masterid=691699/ as well. Samsung makes lots of boxes and this one fixed some earlier problems with the TS-150.
BTW, the Projector Expert also has good scientific reviews of "antennas":http://www.projectorexpert.com/Pages/antout.html as well.