More Analysis. I thought I’d blog it so that we can compare notes and see what really happened.
Daily Kos: More From Officer X. I’m not military guy, but a good analysis from Officer X on the mistakes in the plan. The essential one was planning based on the expectation that it would be a cake walk. Oh well. Hope it all works out. I kind of like Officer X’s alternative plan. Stay in the desert and work your way up. Don’t power through areas, no way to be ambushed.
War Could Last Months, Some Military Officers Say ( My personal bet is that it goes through November 2003. We’ll see who is right. But, I kind of like the plan sketched in the Washington Post piece. Consolidate in the South. Defeat in detail and then ring Baghdad and take on forces one at a time. Maybe the immortal optimists (Rumsfeld and Wolfie) will be proved wrong long enough by the pragmatists. I know I’m going to be reading the Washington Post every day to find out. That paper is just amazing at getting the insiders view.

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