User Interface is an Art, but Trackbacks are not…

Satoshi’s Wireless Weblog: User Interface is an Art but Trackbacks are not. Satoshi is absolutely right that Trackbacks are way too hard to understand and differentiate from comments. Interesting to think about the mobile analog to trackback and how that should work. Seems like, when I update, I should get a ping and then see […]

Mothers Day and Other Gifts

What to get for the girl who has everything. Well, that is hard, but here are some things I’ve been looking at: * A Cook’s Wares – First on the list is a Cream Whipper. Amazing way to get whipped cream for those fresh strawberries. BTW, Cookswares, is a very nice online site. So […]

Connie's New Blackberry

RIM BlackBerry 6210- Karbon Systems. Connie’s Blackberry has finally given up the ghost and she doesn’t want to learn something new. We got it two years ago from and Aether and it was a nightmare service. Things breaking with the service all the time and mysterious failures with the device. But, it worked super […]

Getting Ready: Food and Trainers

I’m getting ready for the STP. Just read Chris Carmichael’s training book (the one with Lance on the cover). Was helpful. Increased average speed on my run to work (10 miles almost exactly) from an average of 16 to 17.4 mph just by the pedaling advice and some training. Here are other things I’m doing: […]

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