Biking Accessories: Gloves, Arm and Knee Warmers


All of mine have now fallen apart. So off to get some more accessories like gloves and knee warmers:
* - Castelli Ambros Gloves. These aren't in production anymore. At least I can't find them. The equivalent look like Castelli Simple Gloves. $25 so they are quite a bit. I ended up getting some $10 AXO, but they literally fell apart the second day. So much for being cheap.
* "Pearl Izumi GReptile Gloves": A good review here with some grippy stuff on it.
* "Defeet Kneekers": These are good ones. Also "Cold Lizard": has a nice set on sale now for $17. Same for Knee warmers. Also, I like the "Cold Lizard": Knee Warmers even more. They are heavier material. Feel nicer and typically, if you get them on sale less than the Kneekers.
* "Sunglass Reviews": and "Road Bike Reviews": Of course, my natural inclination is just to get the Oakley Pro M's because Lance wears them, but at least someone did some reviews. I did get them via "eBay": from an unauthorized dealer I'm sure, but the price difference was phenomenal. In any case, they are wonderful. Got the Hybrid S lenses. These are a little small for me. I still need a clear and a yellow lense for these.
* "Rudy Project Tayo": Got great reviews when they came out two years ago now. Now most sunglasses don't have a lower rim so that visibility is incredible. I got my last set at "Eyesave": and also for "Get Rudy": The "Kynox": seems to be the replacement, but my old lenses don't fit it 🙁
Other miscellaneous stuff:
* "Specialized PVO Pump": I actually have one and it got a good review in as well. Super small but just for Presta Valve Only (PVO) get it. Super small.
* "Selle Italia SLR": A good review of this 135 gram saddle. I completely agree. Amazingly comfortable, but it does wear out fast.
* "Giro Pneumo": There are lighter ones out there now, but I've had this for a year and it works super well.
Finally some reviews of stems now that I have got the Easton EC-90 31.7mm bar:
* "Time Monolink Pro HM": This is 125 grams and is expensive but shouldn't have the durability problems of magnesium.