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Had a great discussion about the future of blogs, mobile, etc. with some incredibly smart people (Ben Slivka, Bill Valentine, Satoshi Nakajima and Kendra Vandermulen). They asked for an easy intro to blogging. A good questions. Here are some sites to look at:
* “Tong Family”: OK, a selfish announcement, you can see what the geeks are doing and their format. Also “Geek Fishing”: is a place to find Steve Hooper, Bill Malloy, etc. and also “The Ludwigs”: when his site comes back up. See the recently visited list on tongfamily too.
* “Blogger”: An easy way to get started. It’s free and you can try it.
* and “”: and a “Google”: for weblog directories.
* “Movable Type”: A fantastic tool if you are self hosting. Nice UI and feature set.
* “Daily Pundit”: and “Command Post”: are two community sites.
* “Joi Ito”: The first mobile blogger. More like a photo gallery.

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  1. Rich Tong Avatar

    Thanks for the pointers, Anita. I like the 10 reasons!

  2. Satoshi's Weblog: User Interface is an Art Avatar

    Trackback test 2
    This is a 2nd trial of track back to Tong Family Blog: Getting up on Blogging…

  3. Satoshi's Weblog: User Interface is an Art Avatar

    Let’s try how “trackback” works with Tong Family Blog: Getting up on Blogging…

  4. Anita Rowland Avatar

    random sampling on
    follow the blogrolls on weblogs that interest you.
    Rebecca Blood’s 10 Tips for a better weblog
    Think about *why* you want to start a weblog. Are you reading other weblogs already?
    moblogging and photoblogging are huge areas, lots of diversity there (not just Joi Ito, though he’s always trying new things)

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