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Popper – THE webmail client. This is a PHP4/MySQL webmail client. It has all the pieces to parse a POP3 set of messages into nice MySQL format. I’m still drilling into it, but it has the hooks to connect into a mail account, read it and put the messages into a nice format. I’m going to install it on so that I can then use it. I could also do the same with SquirrelMail, but then I’d have to learn Perl and Python.
* XML-RPC. This is the little utility to actually do posts into various blog systems. So, once I have the mail, I can actually post it.

3 responses to “Mail to Blog”

  1. Paul Oram Avatar

    Something weird is happening to the link at the start of your entry, which seems to include my name in a mailto? 🙂
    Obviously, feel free to delete this comment afterwards.
    Good luck with this email to entry stuff!

  2. Rich Tong Avatar

    Thanks for the fact checks. I actually don’t need to read messages, just take apart their classes so that I can do email reading.
    Of course, you’ve shown me how this is trivial in Python, so this is a great excuse to learn that. Thanks again, Gary!

  3. gary burd Avatar

    I will give a couple of comments on Popper and Squirrel here and more comments on implementing mail to blog on my blog.
    SquirrelMail is implemented in PHP, not Perl or Python.
    The problem with using a typical POP3 client is that you cannot read your mail on multiple machines and clients. In the case of Popper, you will probably be limited to reading mail with Popper.

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