Printer Reviews

Well, the printer market keeps changing, now it’s time to look for a great photo-printer. Here is what I’ve learned: Hardware Reviews – C|Net unfortunately, doesn’t throw old reviews away. For the reviews that are less than a year old, the winners are: * “Epson 2200”: Lots of folks like this one. 84% positive […]


Some cool work happening on location-awareness and blogs. Amazing what a little XML can do. Here are some things to look at: * blogosphere. This let’s you see a globe, spin it and then click on various blogs. * “Blogosphere Usage”: This thing requires two plug-ins. One called “GeoURL”: let’s you add latitude and longitude […]

Interesting Wifi Companies

Some interesting companies according to Rob: * w o w – c o m : Wireless NewsLine. Mehru Networks is doing some interesting work * “VOIP Telephone”: * “Intel Wireless investments”: Pretty much the who’s who of wireless right now. * “Ecutel”: Ecutel was doing enterprise wifi access.

Search, Search, Search

Search Engine Ratings And Reviews. We’ve been spending time learning about search engines and opportunities there. Here are some places to look. Notes we’ve found: * “Neilson Netratings”: 29.5% Google, 28% Yahoo, 28% MSN, 18% AOL * “Comscore”: Interesting analysis of the various search engine positions. It’s interesting to note what works well and does […]

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