Search, Search, Search

Search Engine Ratings And Reviews. We’ve been spending time learning about search engines and opportunities there. Here are some places to look.
Notes we’ve found:
* “Neilson Netratings”: 29.5% Google, 28% Yahoo, 28% MSN, 18% AOL
* “Comscore”: Interesting analysis of the various search engine positions.
It’s interesting to note what works well and does not work well. For instance, local queries like the ones below:
* “Seattle Paintball”: Even though Google is wonderful, this is not particularly relevant
* “Seattle Bakery”: This is a city search for Seattle Bakery. Notice, it only returns bakery with Seattle in its name.
* “Seattle Bakery in Qwestdex”: This is the yellow page guys. Notice the first hit is a bakery in Redmond. Not Seattle 🙁
* “Seattle Paintball”: MSN query is the closest so far but it first shows a site with just a GIF on it.
* “Seattle Plumber”: Plumbers are slightly better. Close listing, but it is just a listing not a rating service.
* “Seattle Paintball on Dogpile”: More interesting queryl.

One response to “Search, Search, Search”

  1. Anita Rowland Avatar

    did you mean to search google for paintball as one word? you linked it as two, paint ball. different results!

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