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Search Engine Ratings And Reviews. We've been spending time learning about search engines and opportunities there. Here are some places to look.
Notes we've found:
* "Neilson Netratings": 29.5% Google, 28% Yahoo, 28% MSN, 18% AOL
* "Comscore": Interesting analysis of the various search engine positions.
It's interesting to note what works well and does not work well. For instance, local queries like the ones below:
* "Seattle Paintball": Even though Google is wonderful, this is not particularly relevant
* "Seattle Bakery": This is a city search for Seattle Bakery. Notice, it only returns bakery with Seattle in its name.
* "Seattle Bakery in Qwestdex": This is the yellow page guys. Notice the first hit is a bakery in Redmond. Not Seattle 🙁
* "Seattle Paintball": MSN query is the closest so far but it first shows a site with just a GIF on it.
* "Seattle Plumber": Plumbers are slightly better. Close listing, but it is just a listing not a rating service.
* "Seattle Paintball on Dogpile": More interesting queryl.

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